Two women posing for a photo at the Healthier Texas Summit in Austin, Texas

8 Sessions You Don’t Want To Miss!

From TEDx-style lightning rounds to deep-dive conversations into some of the most pressing issues in public health, Healthier Texas Summit 2019 promises new experiences and a multitude of opportunities to connect with the people and topics that will galvanize your work. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the not-to-miss sessions happening at the Summit in Austin this October!

Lightning Rounds (New in 2019!)

Part TEDx-style presentation, part audience Q&A, these brief, high-energy sessions will focus on the following themes: Building Bridges for Better Health, Opioid Prevention and Response, Chronic Disease Prevention, and Caring for Our Aging Communities.

Data Petting Zoo (New in 2019!)

Whether searching for answers to complex questions or making the case for a new health initiative, data visualization is an increasingly important technique for uncovering relevant information and empowering decision-makers to act on key insights. The Data Petting Zoo at the 2019 Healthier Texas Summit is a hands-on opportunity to explore the resources and technologies that are helping organizations of all sizes magnify their work to improve community and population health.

Addressing Social Needs as Clinical Gaps in Care for Better Health Outcomes

For generations, medical education and the healthcare industry have been focused on care inside the clinical setting. By focusing upstream addressing social determinants of health systematically, we can promote health holistically. This is not just about dollars and cents, it’s about helping people with their most personal barriers to health.

Leveraging School, Community and Clinical Data to Forge Partnerships

Children’s Optimal Health has developed multiple strategic relationships to harness school district, health and community data, power cross-sector partnerships, address issues of child health equity, and support local efforts to improve health outcomes. Learn the process, challenges and successes of working locally to achieve local, regional and state outcomes.

Workplace Wellness: An Incentive Plan that Works!

This workshop will provide HR and wellness professionals strategies to shape wellness culture at their agencies or institutions through a simple, low cost and highly effective incentive program. Participants will take back a sample proposal, talking points for leaders, examples of successful implementation at some agencies and lots of inspiration.

Communication Strategies for Healthy Habits

Helping people evolve from a passive, powerful other approach to their health (“What medication can you give me for this condition?”) to an active, empowered self approach (“What can I do for my health?”) benefits from effective communication strategies. Bring your vexing patient-provider communication issues to this interactive session.

Health Equity: Catalyzing Change through Organizational Culture

To realize the goal of equity, public health professionals must boldly shift approaches to become catalysts for change by first dismantling systemic oppressive structures within public health and other social institutions.

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health at City Hall through Policy

From affordable housing to complete streets to tobacco control, city councils regularly tackle policies that have the potential to improve people’s day-to-day quality of life, well-being and health. During this session, we will hear from Texas public health champions at city hall about the opportunities and challenges they face when working to advance important health policies in their cities.

This is just a sample of the carefully curated sessions we have planned for this year’s Summit. If you’re looking for fresh perspectives and actionable insights to reenergize your work, then this event is for you. Register here.