The 2022 Healthier Texas Summit Cancellation & Refund Policy

Standard Cancellation and Refund Policy
Cancellations must be made on or by October 1, 2022. An administrative charge of $25 will be charged for cancellations. Registration payments made via credit card will be refunded to the original credit card on file and will take up to two to three weeks to show. Registration payments made via check will be refunded via check to the original payee and will take up to four to six weeks.

Request for refunds will not be honored after the October 1, 2022 deadline. If you must cancel, the Healthier Texas Summit encourages you to send a substitution in your place at no cost. Substitutions can be registered by emailing It’s Time Texas’ Coco Plunkett, at before the cancellation deadline. Cancellations must be received in writing via email to It’s Time Texas’ Coco Plunkett at The Healthier Texas Summit does not accept mailed, faxed, or phone call cancellations. Cancellation requests via the registration portal or via voicemail are not accepted.

The Healthier Texas Summit reserves the right to cancel any registration at any time, for any reason. If your registration is canceled, you will be issued a refund up to the full price that you have paid and the cancellation fees will be waived.

Please note that the Healthier Texas Summit does not reimburse registrants for travel or other expenses. The Healthier Texas Summit recommends that you do not purchase non-refundable airline tickets or make non-refundable hotel reservations. If you choose to do so, you are responsible for all terms and restrictions.

Cancellation Policy due to COVID-19
The Healthier Texas Summit committee is closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and will adhere to CDC Guidelines on masking according to their COVID-19 Community Level Tool that determines prevention steps according to threat levels. While masks are always encouraged, they will not be required except when the community threat level as determined by the CDC for Travis County, Texas is HIGH, or if state/local mandates are imposed at the time of our conference.

  • If the Healthier Texas Summit is canceled, all registrants’ registration fees will be refunded.
  • All other reasons for cancellation will follow the standard cancellation policy noted above.