Summit Track: Harnessing Information

The widening application of data within community and population health paints a picture that is both incredibly promising and increasingly complex.

Relatively recent global advancements in technology have revolutionized the way that health information is gathered, processed, analyzed, and communicated. Tools such as health tracking devices and cloud-based data management solutions have created opportunities not only to look more broadly, but also more closely at the factors that impact human health. The ever-expanding data ecosystem has the potential to inform everything from future healthcare delivery models, to prevention and treatment strategies, to personal behavior and self-care. Yet, with so many disparate sources for collecting and managing health information, how do we make sense of it all? And how can we use it to advance health across our state?

At the 2019 Healthier Texas Summit, the Harnessing Information track will showcase best practices for sharing and utilizing data for collective health improvement. Topics will include designing information systems, sharing data across organizations and networks, and utilizing information to make better decisions, support better outcomes, and scale our results. Here’s a quick preview.

Unlocking the Power of Connected Health Data to Address SDOH

As the Senior Director of Community Impact at the American Heart Association (sponsors of the Healthier Texas Summit’s first-ever Data Petting Zoo), Heidi McPherson is experienced in understanding how data can be used to positively impact the health of patient populations. Here to share her insight on the power of collective impact and systemic approaches, McPherson will explain possible solutions to health disparities in Texas. You will leave this session with a stronger grasp of the existing data landscape and how smarter data sharing can identify and address vulnerabilities in social determinants of health.

Texas-Sized Solutions for Improving Population Health: A Data-First Approach

When it comes to data-centered approached to improving the health of Texans, we can think of no two people better quipped to lead the discussion than Shara McClure and Leanna Metcalfe, PhD. Two visionary leaders in Texas healthcare, McClure serves as Divisional Senior Vice President of Texas Health Care Delivery for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, while Metcalfe manages the clinical research and strategy teams at the Health Care Service Corporation. Together, they will share their expertise on taking full advantage of data’s potential to revolutionize the structure and delivery of healthcare.

Asthma 411: Collaboration and Data Sharing to Improve Health Outcomes

As one of the leading causes of absences and 911 calls in schools, asthma is an urgent issue that affects the lives of many kids before they even reach the age of 14. Asthma 411 is a school-based program to improve absenteeism and health of students with asthma. Leslie Allsopp, Program Manager, will present this initiative as a brilliant case-study for the application of data in solving multi-faceted health issues.

More Notable Sessions

Whether you work in healthcare, education, social services, academia, HR or public health, the Harnessing Information track promises real-world insights and down-to-earth approaches to help you make the most of our data-driven world. Come learn how thought leaders and organizations across Texas are leveraging data to make better decisions, build stronger partnerships, and impact health.